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Raulinau Mélodica et au piano

François Raulin


French pianist and composer (Annecy, 17-3-1956). After studying mathematics in Grenoble, he decided to become a jazz musician, while taking an interest in contemporary composition and traditional music. A founder member of AGEM in Grenoble (1981), he joined the ARFI in Lyon and met Louis Sclavis with whom he played, composed and recorded (1985-2001). A member of the quartet of François Corneloup (1994), he began a work around Lennie Tristano with Stéphan Oliva, created the Micromégas Brass Band (1997),




participates in the French Piano Trio (with Martial Solal and Jean-Marie Machado), Forms a trio (with Corneloup and Chevillon), creates the 5tet Echoes of Spring with Oliva, participates in many dance and cinema music, With Michel Portal, Yves Robert, Michel Godard, Dominique Pifarély, Laurent Dehors ...


New  Dictionary  of Jazz 

P. Carles et J. L. Comolli 

 (Robert laffont 2012 )