Tutorials pour le Piano: independance, coordination, rythms & polyrythms

In 1981, I had published a method of body rhythm, so that every musician could learn rhythm and polyrhythm. From simple exercises becoming more and more complex, one could work in several ways and acquire Important bases and indispensable (3 for 2, 4 for 3, movements of accents, cross rhythms, etc ...)

Being self-taught, I have developed a large number of rhythm and polyrhythmic exercises for the piano.

Here are video tutorials, based on my rhythmic work on the piano.

For mBira tutorials, see la page mBira.



Piano Tutorial: Advanced Level

Independence rhythm polyrhythm coordination of hands to improvise on a left hand pattern in Ostinato (my composition "Back To Black" )

download music sheet "Back to Black "


Piano Tutorial: Beginner's Level Exercise 1

Independence rhythm polyrhythm coordination of hands

Alternate hands and "papa-maman" rhythmic ranges


music sheet (to come )