Tutorials for Piano: Chords & Polychords

Here are video tutorials, based on my work of piano chords and polychords.

From simple exercises becoming more and more complex, one could work in several ways and acquire important and essential bases.

Being self-taught, I developed a large number of exercises for the piano.

For rhythm and polyrhythm tutorials see the polyrhythmic Piano page

For mBira tutorials, see the mBira page.


progressive Tutorial on chords & Polychords for piano

Tutoriel Polychords 1 & 2  G/C

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progressive Tutorial 3 piano Gmaj7/C et D/C add second

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 progressive Tutorial 4 piano C/F#

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progressive Tutorial 5 

Application on altered chord , polychords sequence F#/C 7 alt & Ab/C7 alt

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